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Re: Removing studs

Subject: Re: Removing studs
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 07:28:03 -0500
> I had a problem removing some old studs that were frozen in place on my '74B
> block. A friend at work told me to try spraying them with "Aeroduster", a
> product used to clean electronic parts. It is _very_ cold when sprayed for
> any length of time and forms frost almost immediately. I tried this. It took
> a hole can, standard aerosol size, but the coldness shrank the studs just
> enough to break them free. Before I used this, I couldn't budge them. As I
> sprayed each one, one at a time, each one started to free up as I tried to
> unscrew them with the above mentioned method (two nuts tightened on the stud).
> I believe that the company who makes "Aeroduster" is Miller-Stephens.

You should be able to find some kind of "circuit cooler" in an aerosol
can. It is used in the electronic industry to quickly cool circuits. It
is the same stuff as "AeroDuster" but the can is designed to dispense
the liquid refrigerant. The stuff cools to ~ -65 Deg F.

- -Mark "I needed curcuit cooler to warm up my car this morning" Jurras

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