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Leaking timing chain covers

Subject: Leaking timing chain covers
From: Bill Glanville <glanvill@FRONTIERNET.NET>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 18:30:29 GMT
        Just finished a rebuild on my '67 B engine .Static timed it, set
rockers, static carb sync, etc. Topped crankcase with oil and @#$&^ noticed
oil leaking from botttom of the  timing cover. Lucky me, engine still on
stand so off with the pulley and cover. Upon inspection I find that the leak
is caused by the cover being dimpled in at all the bolt holes and no amount
of Permatex form-a-gasket would have sealed it(not leaking before did not
entitle me to skip a good inspection ) so shame on me.
       First step will be a little tin knocking to see if I can make it flat
again if not I'll be looking for a replacement cover!
        Next is a question > Should I use a good oil resistant RTV or the
old standby Permatex Aviation 3H form-a-gasket? Insight welcome.         

        58,59,60 MGA's
        67,70    MGB's

Bill Glanville  

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