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MG Midget MKIII and '75 MGB

Subject: MG Midget MKIII and '75 MGB
From: (Michael S. Black)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 16:24:45 -0500
Well it finally happened, I broke down and purchased the '75 B that I had
been corting for several months (it has been lowered and modified so it
really doesn't look like a '75 but more like a '68 or '69 ie.. chrome
bumpers etc..) and also happened to be looking at the ads still and found
out that a guy near me had a MKIII for sale that was in great shape so...

Well what can I say, even though I am only 21 I LOVE the MG in all shape
and sizes ( my dad has a 52 midget and my grandfather drives a TD) so I
guess I inherited the insanity (love small british cars, feel the need to
take apart and reassemble parts to my cars that already work fine because I
think I can make 'em work better!!) but I can honestly state that the only
car I ever feel really "at home" in is a MG. Well what can a man do but
make sure that he always has one to drive so I bought TWO! Well I am happy
(but broke)!

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