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Steering wheel -Reply

Subject: Steering wheel -Reply
From: (Karl Best)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 10:26:28 -0700
>>> C. WESLEY GRADY <> 01/18/96 08:43am >>>
I saw a posting a day or so ago about switching to a smaller steering =
wheel to gain more leg room.  Got me thinking about the '56 and was =
wondering if anyone had, in fact, installed a smaller than standard =
steering wheel on an MGA.>>>

Yup. I installed an aftermarket (can't remember what brand; got it from
VicBrit) wheel in my '57. I couldn't get my knees under the original (I'm
6'4", mostly legs). The new one is almost 2" smaller diameter. It's still
tight, but at least possible. 

If I had several to choose from I would have gone slightly smaller still, but
not too much 'cause I still need the leverage.


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