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Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)

Subject: Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 96 10:05:25 PST
Jim Mellander asked:

> Boy, now I'm getting confused - some people saying the Gross Jet is good, 
> others say its no good.  Is there an FAQ on it?  Or failing that, could 
> the MG Gods & Goddess shed some light on this murky subject.........

Here's the story so far as I see it:  

Neither Grose jets nor the original needle and seat valve are going to 
affect performance.  The only issue here is longevity and how likely one or 
the other is to make your car spit gas out of the float bowl overflow tubes.

I think everyone agrees that Grose jets last longer because they don't have 
a little pointy part that gets a circular indentation.  The reason some 
people (including me) have objected to Grose jets is that certain ones 
purchased at different times over the years have stuck repeatedly.  In fact,
a bad Grose jet will cause gas spitting more often than a regular needle and 
seat valve in a car with a rusty gas tank.  I have a set of Grose jets that I 
got back in '80 and they're still going strong.  Another set I got in '86 made 
my car spit gas every few minutes and reverting to the needle and seat valve 
fixed the problem.  Other people have also gotten bad and good jets more 
recently which leads me to believe that the company has poor quality control.

Here's an opinion that hasn't been stated yet.  The early B's didn't have 
fuel filters and the stock needle and seat valve, by its design, traps little
pieces of dirt.  Of course, when it traps dirt, it spits gas all over the 
place, but the dirt doesn't go in the engine.  So any dirt that doesn't stay 
in the bottom of the float bowl is stopped by the valve making a fuel filter 
unnecessary.  Grose jets, by their design, are less likely to stop dirt (and 
therefore, less likely to spit gas) so if Grose jets are installed, a fuel 
filter probably should be, too.  Using the stock valves merely means that they 
need to be replaced every time the carbs are rebuilt which is no big deal 
because they come in the carb kit.

BTW, gods and goddesses can't answer e-mail questions--they don't have 
computers.  They still haven't upgraded from the abacus.  Only priests and 
priestesses (and altar boys, Will) can answer questions.

Denise Thorpe

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