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Re: real deal!

Subject: Re: real deal!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 96 16:49:09 PST
danm said:

> i currently have a pair of 1974 austin marina gt 2drs, which i would
> like to go to a good home.  one runs, other is a parts car with no
> engine.  as you may or may not know marinas used 1798cc B motor, but
> with a spitfire transmission.  for those of you familiar with the
> spitfire trans, you are aware of its problems.  the running marina has
> had the trans replaced with a german ford unit.  has held up much
> better.  i would let these british beautys go for $350.00 for the pair.
> i am located in abilene kansas.  let me know if anyone is interested in
> a unknown (in the us) brit leyland amalgamation.
> 913-263-1455 work
> 913-263-3159 home

Years ago I read an article in a financial magazine (probably in some 
waiting room) that said that the financial might of the United States is
built on the foundation of the $300 car.  Because a running car can be 
had for $300, anyone can go to where the jobs are and live in affordable 
housing within commuting distance of their job.  The article went on to 
say that many countries had tried, but couldn't find a way to manufacture 
any form of transportation, public or otherwise, that had such a low per-
person cost.

So do your part for the continued financial strength of the United States 
and BUY THESE CARS!  Besides, I knew someone who owned one and it was 
almost as cute as an MG 1100.

Denise Thorpe, a sucker for a tiny orphaned Britcar sedan

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