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The color is.....

To: "'MG Newsgroup'" <>
Subject: The color is.....
From: "C. WESLEY GRADY" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:22:33 -0500
Well, I went over to see the car and as luck would have it the interior =
and top had arrived.  I ordered tan, and I guess I expected something in =
a lighter shade, maybe what we would call biscuit, but anyway it is =
darker, in what they call "British tan" and it is gorgeous!  And it is =
going to look just beautiful on the Old English White which I picked.  =
Not the original MGA white, but one from an 87 Jag.  More creamy.  As =
Denise said, "French vanilla with butterscotch topping".  I am more than =
pleased with the combination and with the way the restoration is coming.

Thanks to all for the input, yeah, I know I didn't pick burgundy, but =
with the darker tan it wouldn't have looked right.

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