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Re: The color is.....

Subject: Re: The color is.....
From: Don Mathis <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 13:46:26 -0500
At 04:22 PM 1/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, I went over to see the car and as luck would have it the interior and
top had arrived.  I ordered tan, and I guess I expected something in a
lighter shade, maybe what we would call biscuit, but anyway it is darker, in
what they call "British tan" and it is gorgeous!  And it is going to look
just beautiful on the Old English White which I picked.  Not the original
MGA white, but one from an 87 Jag.  More creamy.  As Denise said, "French
vanilla with butterscotch topping".  I am more than pleased with the
combination and with the way the restoration is coming.
>Thanks to all for the input, yeah, I know I didn't pick burgundy, but with
the darker tan it wouldn't have looked right.
        Right now I'm planning to paint the 'Bentley burgundy, actually
"Rolls Royce Garnet" with camel tan interior with the nut-brown walnut wood.
I think it will work !!

Don Mathis
AT&T - Bell Laboratories
Norcross, Georgia
'61 MGA     '37 Bentley

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