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Re: Olberg Engine Hoist Jig?

To:, Bill Lattimer <>
Subject: Re: Olberg Engine Hoist Jig?
From: "Mike Brecher" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 07:02:45 +0500
I don't know the specifics on the Olberg sling, but you can get an 
excellent tilting sling from Snap-On, Cornwell, etc.  The price 
varies somewhat, but if you have to buy it from the route truck, 
it'll be about $60.  If you are near a distribution center, you may 
be able to save a few $$ by buying directly from them.

> Anyone have a source for this unit?  It allows the engine to be tilted
> fore/aft on the hoist.  Looked in J.C. Whosis to no avail...
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