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Subject: Colours
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 22:01:29 -0400
Interesting dialogue going on re: colours. (Note: Canadian spelling) Perhaps
the baby excrement shade everyone's speaking of is 'Bracken', described by
Moss as "muddy orange". This colour was used 74-76, and usually with Autumn
Leaf interior. I recall seeing Minis and Marinas in Black Tulip (neat
colour), but with RED(!) interiors. Sheese. One of my faves by far is Blaze,
particularly with the Navy interior. Looks sharp on GTs and roadsters.

Did anyone snap up those Marinas that were posted here? With the B
drivetrain and quirky '70s British style, they make for a unique car.
Actually found the 4 door to be more stylish than the 2 door. They were sold
in Canada in the early '70s. I recall a mechanic I frequented here in
Halifax back in the mid-70s had a stage 3 tuned B drivetrain in a staid
looking Marina 2 door. At the time, gave guys with 8-tracks and 'Vettes
anxiety attacks! Biggest Marina problem - rust! (Go figure.)

I don't know how much fact there is to this tale, but apparently in the
mid-70s, as Leyland was killing off the MG, a cost-cutting decision was made
to no longer undercoat, or paint inner doors, inner fenders and the like,
leaving bare internal metal. Makes sense to me when I see some later 70s Bs
rotting more severely than their pre-'73 brother and sister-en.

Here on the Atlantic coast of Canada, we've had a bit of a weather break,
with mild temperatures and rain melting all of the snow. Used the
opportunity to fire up the GT and red roadster. They never cease to amaze.
After a few cranks without choke to build up oil pressure, they fired up
immediately, then proceeded to almost sink to the hubs in the VERY moist
driveway! Well, that's enough of that nonsense 'til spring!

Which can't be too far off now, can it?

Terry Williams
'70 BGT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster

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