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Color talk

Subject: Color talk
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 16:49:34 -0500
All this color talk or is it "colour" talk, reminds me of the decisions that
led up to painting my TA.  Like Mike, I start restorations backward and
decided early on that I wanted Dark Blue leather...yea, I know it wasn't
stock, but before the war, you could get a car from the factory in any color,
any leather....The seats and squab were done locally and the vinyl around the
sides of the seats was marine grade.  I then shipped the extra leather and
vinyl to Mike Collingbourne in England and he made up the door panels and a
kit for the rest of the car.   

Throughout the restoration, I had in mind to paint the car Red.  When I got
to the paint point, I looked around and every TC around here was either BRG
or Red or Black, a few were old English I thought, I want
something different and more prewar, after all my Ca. license plate reads
"NOT A TC".....!   While pursuing "The Original T Series", I noted that TA
Tickfords could be had in Maroon.  That was it! Very deep dark Maroon....I
found the perfect color in a '72 Ford some of my artistic
friends tell me that dark blue and dark maroon clash on the color charts, I
don't care, the combo pleases me greatly and I get lots of strokes from the
ordinary folk who stroll car shows.

Whats the point of all this?  I say paint/upholster your car the way YOU want
it.  You'll be happier that way!

Cheers, Terry

PS:  I would like to see a thread on the pro's and con's of the various types
of paint especially the new ones, some of which are water based.  I used
acrylic lacquer when I painted the car myself,  very non chip resistant.
 After the wreck the pro used Centari which is much more chip resistant  and
seems to shine just as much.

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