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request for info on '80 B wiper motor

Subject: request for info on '80 B wiper motor
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 13:50:37 PST
Fellow MG'ers:

Well, I'm halfway to installing two speed wipers in my '67 B.  Yesterday I 
swapped the two wiper arm from my restoration project B onto the three wiper 
motor I got from a parted out '80 B.  This took a lot more time than I 
thought because I ended up completely assembling the thing three different 
times.  I ended up using just the actuating rod and housing tubes from the
early setup.  The nut from the early wiper assembly that goes in the end of 
the motor housing is too big for the later motor, the later actuating rod is 
too long for the early tubes, and the gearing at the wipers is different for 
the two motors.  After I was done putting together all the parts I wanted, I
put together all the leftover parts making a three wiper assembly with a one 
speed motor.  If that ever falls into other hands, they'll _never_ figure it 

After I got the mechanical situation together, I went after the electrical. 
Scott Hower had kindly faxed me a wiring diagram for a late B and this 
helped a lot.  But, even though everything on the fax is perfectly legible,
the drawing of the wiper switch doesn't really tell me how the switch works 
and I have no late model B to look at.  From the drawing it looks like either 
the R/LG and N/LG wires are connected, or the G and U/LG wires are connected 
(the black wire goes to ground) but these don't work.  From experimentation I 
discovered that power to the R/LG wire makes the low wiper speed work and 
power to the U/LG wire makes the high wiper speed work but neither of them 
would park.  I could make the low speed park by applying power to both the 
R/LG and N/LG wires and then removing the power from the R/LG wire.  But I 
couldn't find any combination of wires with/without power that would make 
high speed park.  Some of the combinations I tried made my jumper wire very 

So the question is, under which circumstances do which wires to an '80 B 
wiper motor get power?  Could some kind soul please climb under the dash of
their late model B and put the wiper motor through its paces and make note 
of which wires have power when and then send it to me?  I'll put in a good 
word for you with the MG gods.

After I get that straightened out, I have to go looking for a bracket for 
the '80 motor because the '67 bracket screws into where the electrical 
connection is on the '80 motor.  I just hope that the body of my car has 
the correct holes for the '80 bracket.

Denise Thorpe

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