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Subject: alternators
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:05:56 -0500
Some questions about alternators:

   1.  I have an MG alternator (I think from a 1978 B) and I want to install
it on my 1955 Austin-Healey.  I notice from the wiring diagram and an
inspection of my own 1980 MGB that that two wires run from a 3-way socket on
the alternator to a common connection on the starter solenoid (the third runs
to the ign wrn lt).  Why two wires?  what do they do?  why do they connect to
the same place?     
   2.  I notice that this three-way socket on the altrnator has a cover that
fits over the back--I suppose to protect against dirt. The socket I want to
use for the Healey installation has no cover.  Does anyone have a socket
cover they wish to part with?

   3.  I'm trying to check through and see if the alternator I have is the
same as the same as the one described in the MGB service manual (ie Lucas
18ACR).  The manual only covers 1975 on.  When was an alternator first
installed in an MGB? I want to be sure I don't have a pre-1975 alternator,
but I'm loath to take the thing apart looking for a Lucas number. 

   Thanks for the help.  John Trifari  1955 Healey BN1/1980 MGB 

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