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More Colourful Conversation

Subject: More Colourful Conversation
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 19:39:14 -0400
Matt L asked "what is Black Tulip?".

It's an extremely deep, practically black, purple. A beautiful colour on an
MG - particularly a GT. Used '73 & '74 I believe.(But NOT w/ red interior,

Black is sinfully wonderful, but your car's body best be perfect, as black,
or any dark colour, will show ripples and other flaws big time.

Iris Blue is, in this MGer's humble opinion, one of the finer colour choices
for late As and early Bs. Ever seen the full colour ad for the '63 B that
ran in Road & Track in '63? Shows the Iris Blue B with the dark blue
interior with light blue piping. The top and tonneaus were also dark blue.
Very striking, and has minimal impact on gender.

Then, there's Primrose. Only looks right on E-type Jags. I agree with the
comments on Limeflower. "Nipple Pink"!? Only in Oz....that broke me up!

Kinda makes you wonder what Black Tulip might have been called.

Terry "ohm'gawd, my imagination's working again" Williams
'70 BGT (white)
'68 roadster (red, natch w/red soft top & tonneaus)
'77 roadster (burgundy w/matching hartop)
36 pack of Crayolas

Final comment - colour is a personal choice. No right, no wrong. Just that
some are more right than others.....

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