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Re: Paint types

Subject: Re: Paint types
From: (Michael MacLeod)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:38:48 -0700
I had my 'A' Painted in Sikkens Black w/ several coats of Clear 5 years
ago.  It still looks fabulous, (when it's clean), If you hold a magazine 3
feet way you can read the small print in the finish.
Tough?  Two years ago I stressed my heart muscle something fierce as I
watched my front License Plate frame w/ Plate and Brackets drop from a 6ft.
high shelf onto the bonnet...  When I regained consciousness I examined the
paint and lo- and-behold; only the tiniest 1/4" long scratch that didn't
even get through the pigment.  It's hardly noticable.
Sikkens get's my vote although I don't believe it's environmentally
friendly (Neither am I after a Mexican or Chinese  dinner.

Mike MacLeod, Calgary, Alberta   (where the beer and the antelope freeze)
'68 BSA Spitfire                        60' MGA               '63 Jag Mark 10
'83 BMW R100 RS

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