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Re: What's wrong with light blue?

Subject: Re: What's wrong with light blue?
From: (Michael MacLeod)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:57:21 -0700
>So their it's out I like some
>light blue cars !!!!!  Oh no, and I've told the world!!!!  Oh but they were
>two tone,
>maybe theirs hope for me affter all!!!
>                                    Chet
>                                    Blaze Red MGB 72
>                                    Emerald Blue TR6 72

It's nice to see a guy who can get in touch with his feminine side.  Way da
Go.  The Nineties have made me a New Age Nurturing kinda-guy.

PS.  FWIW My 'A' used to be Iris blue but I changed it to BRG first, then
OEW when I put in the Red seats.  (I thought the green with the red would
look OK, - NOT) and finally to Black.  The note about straight body work
being imperitive is absolutely spot-on.  I hung over the shoulder of the
body man for 3 months.  (Poor Bastard).  But he did a good job and the car
looks great. When it's clean.

Mike MacLeod, Calgary, Alberta   (where the beer and the antelope freeze)
'68 BSA Spitfire                        60' MGA               '63 Jag Mark 10
'83 BMW R100 RS

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