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Re: request for info on '80 B wiper motor

Subject: Re: request for info on '80 B wiper motor
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 96 16:06:02 PST
Gary Burrell gave out more valuable info:

> Well my 68 has the metal type dash and has the correct switch which would 
> fit in a pre-68 dash.  (look the same just has 3 positions)  It would be 
> factory part # BHA 4786.  This switch is available from Seven for 
> $29.95.

That's too easy!  I thought I was being soooo clever using an early headlight
switch because it looked just like the original switch.  Well, now I can move
the headlight switch to the heater fan switch position and have two fan speeds: 
slow and _really_ slow.  No, wait!--I'll install intermittent wipers on the 
second position of the headlight switch in the heater fan switch hole, and I'll 
have the heater fan work in both positions (which is how it would work whether 
I wanted it to or not).  If it's raining, I'll probably have the heater on 
anyway, besides, it doesn't do much.

Thanks again Gary! 

Denise Thorpe

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