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MG T & Y Series Parts Available

Subject: MG T & Y Series Parts Available
From: Doug Kennedy <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 19:13:49 -0800
For the past year I've been restoring a 69B with a long time member and
Past-President of our local MG club, Vince Groover.  Vince has always been
available for advice, bailed me out of many jams, and willingly lent me more
tools than I ever imagined.  Throughout, he's turned down any payment
(except for a few cold ones) and just asked that when we finish I help him
sell some parts he's been storing for years.  Well, we have about a month to
go until this car's finished and he finally got around to getting me a list
of the parts he has available.  As usual, he's surprised me by uncovering
another trove of parts from storage.  If you're interested in any of the
following just drop me an e-mail and I'll be glad to get any answers to your
questions.  I gain nothing from this other than keeping a promise and
getting some help with my next project!

I'm copying this from a paper scratched in pencil so feel free to write if
you need any clarifications...  ALL ARE MG.
TD,TD Y Type trans complete with bell housing $700
XPAG Block (early type) TD TC Y Type $600 OBO
XPAG Head (early) $600
XPAG Crankshaft, turned with bearings $1200
XPAG TD, TC, TF, Y Type engine COMPLETE with aluminum valve cover, Serial #
29377 $3200 OBO

TD Body Parts
Doors, Good Condition $120 each 
Lower Hood Aprons $60 each
Front Splash Apron $90
Rear Splash Apron $140
Spare Tire Carrier $90
Rear Fenders (round tail light) $250 each need minor repair
Running Boards $48 each
Gas Tank $375
Seat Back w/ blanket bar $140 very good
Windshield frame $80 usable but needs chrome

TD/TF Door Handle set $40 new
Chrome 7" Lucas Headlamps & Assembley $225 each new
T, A, or early B wire wheel knock-offs fine thread $100 set

TC Wiring Harness $120 new
TC Valve Cover $60
TF Valve Cover $60

16" Wheels w/ mud tyres $60 each
Windshield w/ frame $60
Rear glass w/ used seal $30
Rear quarter glass w/ used seal $20 each
Air intake manifild for carbuerator $80

1500 Head w/ valves and springs $400 very good condition
Starter $40
Generator $40

Again, if I can answer any questions or you're interested in the above just
drop me a line.

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