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B vrs. C

Subject: B vrs. C
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 08:43:59 -0500
Fellow fiends:

I have wondered for sometime about the essential differences between the B 
and the C.  I feel like I'm walking a thin line here as its been my 
impression that the C, while perhaps a good idea, never had a chance for its 
'bugs' to be fully worked out.  I *don't* mean to trash the car *or* the 
folks who own and love them.  I have *no* desire to disparage any MG.  I 
*would* like to hear the net wisdom on a few things---regarding impressions 
about the C that I've picked up from others (who may or may not know what 
they're talking about).  In fact, I've never spoken at length to a C owner.  
How about now?  

I bring this up because of the recent net-notice of a nice sounding C/GT for 
sale and my smouldering interest to get into a GT, possibly for all year 
use.  Let me ask a few questions if I may.

Please confirm or refute the following impressions I have:

The C has a higher "top end" and its 0-60 is quicker?
The typical tired C has a pronounced understeer problem?
Having said that, a well sorted C is almost as "sporting" in its road 
manners as a B?
The C is more of a "grand touring car" than the B?
Engine and tranny parts for the C are very hard to find?
With the exception of the hood, body pannels are the same?
The last iterations of the C had made progress on the understeer?
With the exception of front suspension, engine and tranny, the C and the B 

Many many thanks,
Will "at the low end of the learning curve" Zehring

p.s. and have a great weekend, too!  (i.e. don't watch the stupor-bowl)

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