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Re: Electronic Ignition

Subject: Re: Electronic Ignition
From: (Mark A. Dodd, WL/ELOD, X55581/64158)
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 96 08:33:03 EST
As the usual proponent of the Lumenition electronic ignition, here
it comes!

>On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, James Fischer wrote:
>     2)  The hardware that goes in the distributor
>         is a tad "too" universal, and the astute
>         student of high-reliability will want to
>         design and fabricate a better bracket
>         for the optical sensor.  (Not too tough).
This is the reason I went with Lumenition in the first place.  I
spent several frustrating hours helping a friend trying to put a Crane/
Allison system in his B.  Even once we got the car running, it took him
most of two weeks to get it running right.  The Lumenition systemS that
I have put in typically take less than an hour to put in.  The optical
pick-up is designed SPECIFICALLY for YOUR distributer, not the fit 
everything scheme that Crane has.

>     3)  As far as I know, Crane Cams STILL backs their
>         product with a lifetime warranty.  If yours
>         dies, they will Fed-X you a new one.  This
>         happened to me in 1989, and I had a new
>         one by 10:30am, installed it by 11:00am.
I am not sure on this.  I know for a while they did not.  May be that they
caught too much grief for only a year warranty and went back to lifetime.
The Lumenition system does have a lifetime warranty.  And that applies 
even if the car is raced!  I still have my hopes....

>     5)  Conversion "back to points" can be done in
>         the time it might take you to change points
>         now, since the optical assembly does not
>         require modifications to the distributor.
To which Ulix replied
>Wait, didn't you have to remove the "rod" that sticks up from the base plate?
>I think the "eye" of the points mounted to it?
>I just remember doing something (when I installed my unit) that made me 
>think "SH**, now I can't change back to points anymore..."
The answer is no, the rod stays.  However, it does need to be slightly 
shortened to allow the optical chopper to pass.  If you remove the rod, the
optical pick-up cannot be mounted as it slides over the post.  That is the 
beauty of the Lumenition system.  It is mounted on the post and then secured
in the normal points screw hole.  Yes, the points can be replaced in very 
short order.  I don't carry points in either MG as I have great confidence
in the unit :-)  My box is mounted high on the inner fender and I have had
no problem.  
I put >50K miles on my 77B with a Lumenition system before I sold it, and 
that unit came on the car.  I have put Lumenitions on both my C/GT and Midget 
without problem.  I am not aware of anyone having a problem with a Lumenition 
system, but there aren't as many out there as there are of the Crane systems.
Probably the best argument for the Lumenition system is that it is made by
AutoCar (is that redundent or what!) of ENGLAND.  I am just waiting for them
to start leaking oil.  
Note for the Crane crowd:  I do have a Crane coil in the C/GT so I don't
have a problem with Crane, just their generic ignition system.
TSI (Ted Schumacher Imports) in Pandora, OH carries the Lumenition system.
Other places probably carry it as well.  Their number should be in the Monster
I have no affiliation with Lumenition/AutoCar/TSI/....  Just a very happy 
camper, if spring would just get here :(

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