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Re: starter problem

To:, Rick Huber <>
Subject: Re: starter problem
From: "SCHLINING.M.W-" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 96 12:22:13 EST
     If you have this problem, have someone help you start the car while 
     you tap the starter with something like a tire iron or knock-off 
     hammer.  If it starts to turn over when you tap it, you probably have 
     a dead spot or the armature.  This is probably caused by a loose 
     armature wire.  An automotive electrical shop can repair this.  
     Marty Schlining
     57 MGA Coupe
     75 MGB

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Subject: starter problem
Author:  Rick Huber <> at BALT.SMTP
Date:    1/24/96 9:15 AM

hi gang,
the response a month or two ago to my question about the speedo cable was so 
rapid and helpful, i figure i'll try again.  after almost 3 years of relatively 
trouble free daily driving in my '68 b, i've run up against my first electrical 
problem.  yesterday i turned the key, got the red light and fuel pump to click, 
and then turned to start and nothing.  a friend push started me, and i drove 
home.  at home the starter worked twice, and i decided to check the battery 
terminals.  yep, corrosion on one.  cleaned it, started it a couple of times, 
and thought i'd fixed it.  this morning in the cold it cranked normally for four
or five seconds twice, then on the third turn of the key, dead again.  i'm 
thinking an intermittent ignition switch, starter solenoid short, starter dead 
spot, or just a short somewhere in the system. battery seems strong even though 
it's old, normal cranking and then nothing - so i've counted it out.  i'll 
probably try to dig into it tonight, any comments would be appreciated.
rick huber
'68 b daily driver

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