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Re: Tow Bar

Subject: Re: Tow Bar
From: (Tim Moses)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 06:42:17 -0700
>This is the third time I have posted this.  I think it got lost the first
>two times.
        Happens to us, too.

>If I  remove the front rubber bumper from my 80B, can I attach a tow bar
>to the bracketss on the car - are they strong enough for this task?  does
>anyone have a recommended tow bar type or plans to build one?
        When I bought my '79 B in September, 1995, I towed it home using a
tow bar purchased at Pep Boys (auto shop) for ~$99.  Didnt quite fit on the
two towing attachments on the front end, so I bent them inward (toward each
other) and it worked like a champ.  Now the tow bar goes on and off
        I didn't remove the bumper; I bent the front air dam upwards.  I
intend to purchase the sleek spoiler air dam I have seen in the Moss
Catalog.  Besides, the shape the  B is in currently, it doesn't really
matter.  It runs and there are some things I want to do to fix it up over
the next 2-3 years.  
        If your B is in pristine condition, I wouldn't recommend bending the
air dam or removing the bumper.  Have someone make you an "adapter" to join
the tow bar to the car.  If you HAVE to tow the car RIGHT NOW, do as I did.
It didn't take me more than 30 minutes and I was on my way.

        Towed the car ~ 175 miles at speeds up to 75mph no problems.

>Of course i will disconnect and tie up the drive shaft - do i have to tie
>down the steering wheel?

        I didn't do either.  Just put the car in Neutral and made sure the
parking brake was released.  A good tow bar mounted in two places on the car
(the "Towee")  and one on the towing vehicle (the "Tower") will maintain
positive control of the front wheels of the Towee, thus eliminating the need
for tie-ing down the steering wheel.   Have towed several cars and never
disconnected the drive shaft.  Why would you ??  MGs pop OUT of gear; not IN
to gear.

Tim Moses, Esq.         U.S.N.A. 1986     
Augusta, Georgia   -   the 77th largest city in the USA
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