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Re: MGC Virtues

Subject: Re: MGC Virtues
From: (G. Llyn Allen)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 10:38:23 -0800
Terry Williams wrote:
> With regard to Will Zehring's MGC questions, the only differences between
> the C and B are:
>  - engine, tranny, driveshaft, rear end, exhaust 
>  - hood/bonnet
>  - 15" wires (as opposed to 14" on the B)
>  - front suspension (and associated body structure)

All those things and 

- Brakes

As far as parts availability, 80% of them are easy (same as the B). 
The other 20% range from easy to difficult, but not impossible to find.

The engine is pretty much "bullet proof", they tend to smoke but I
havn't heard of anybody actually having one break on them. The normal
rebuild parts are readily available, although cam bearings can be scarce
at times. 

The Transmission is basically the same as the MGB with a different case.
The normal parts that wear are the same. The gears are different but all
the bearings, seals, and syncros are the same.

There are quite afew C's with automatic transmissions, especially GT's.
The transmission is a very common type (Borg Warner Type 35) and can be
rebuilt quit easily by most transmission shops. 

The rear is the same case and gears (different ratios) with different hubs
and brakes. The hubs have the same splines as a B and I've seen a few Cs 
with B rears. 

The brakes are one area that is completely different fom the B, or any other
MG for that matter.  The system is all Girling and it has 2 servo units.
The Servo units are prone to wear and difficult to rebuild successfully, there
are replacement units available.

The wheels are 15", the "C" was available with disk wheels but most of them
had wires. 

The body panels are mostly the same save the hood. The structure under the car
very different. The front fenders have minor differences  but B fenders will 

The front suspension has torsion bars and tube shocks. The parts are available.

The C does feel very different from a B. The front end tends to push in turns, 
relative to a B. The extra ~200 lbs that the 6cyl adds is hard to compensate 
although I have had good success with slightly wider tires (195/65 15) and tire
There are two individuals that have MG related businesses catering to the C.
Kirks Automotive in Davenport Ia. and CIRCA 67 in New Jersey.

There is also a fairly active club The North American MGC Register run by
Tom Boscarino.

Oh yea if your wondering I've owned C's for about 20years and rebuilt a few of

Llyn Allen

1969 MGC-GT red
1969 MGC-GT green

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