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duplicate thank you

To: mgs <>
Subject: duplicate thank you
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: 29 Jan 96 13:49:08 EST
i'm posting this note again since i'm still getting responses to my original
note and none from this one.  sorry if it's been through once already.

hello fellow listers,

steve patchel wins the e-mail troubleshooting prize with the comment:

"Suggest you also check the wire connections at the starter. They are exposed
to a lot "nasty stuff" and do need periodic attention. These connections
have been a source of problems over the 24 years I've owned my 71 B.
Regardless of the what turns out to be the "real" problem, ensure these
connections are sound especially the wire to connector junction."

That was it, loose yellow/red stripe wire at the solenoid connection, although
all the other rapid (i had five responses at lunch time - you people are great
!) responses provided very good information - especially the step by step
troubleshooting guide jim walters forwarded (one to keep for next time).  a
couple minutes underneath and she's (maggie) back on the road.  i guess i could
have figured it out on my own, but it was so much more fun communicating with
the list and getting the responses.

i was planning to stay out of the color fray but since prompted by the joke that
perhaps my car was the wrong color causing the spurious electrical discrepancy,
i reply proudly that maggie is the beautiful medium dark green, factory code
gn25, that she was born with (resprayed during restoration in 1993).  although
not perfect, and yes dust and little dings in the body show up with the dark
color, for my money, this shade of brg is the color lbcs were born to be. on the
other hand, i've really enjoyed my previous red, dark blue, and primrose yellow
mgbs and c. i think owning and enjoying the car is the key, and, like has
already been said, the color is a very individual preference.  i think many of
us would enjoy many colors, even those that have been poo-pooed here (with some
excellent humor) - i think the salient point is that no matter what color lbc we
own, we each love the car and the color (or if not we repaint it). enough idle

while i'm here (but at the risk of offending-sorry), i bought an o/d
transmission for  maggie and plan to install it the next time i need to pull the
engine.  it was out of a wrecked car in a salvage yard so i don't know if it
works.  should i have it checked out / rebuilt / etc. before i put it in the car
?  i've heard of how rugged the all synchro boxes are, but i'd hate to put it in
and then have to pull it later because something wasn't right.  any comments
would be appreciated.

thanks again for the starter help (especially steve),

rick "happy to be on the road again so soon and for free" huber

'68 brg b (daily driver once more)

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