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A-Series head questions

Subject: A-Series head questions
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 12:24:10 -0600
ML>This weekend I pulled the head on my 1275 Midget to be taken to the
ML>machine shop.  A few questions:

ML>  o What should I remove from the head and what to leave on before I
ML>    take it to the shop?  I'd planned on removing the thermostat cover
ML>    and all of the studs (plan to replace them anyway).

ML>  o How can I tell if the pushrods are okay?

ML>  o I'd like to check the cam and the tappets, but according to the
ML>    shop manuals, the 1275 needs to be removed and inverted since
ML>    the tappets will just fall down otherwise.  Any suggestions?

As manager of a machine shop/engine rebuilder, here are my suggestions.
remove the manifolds, thermostat housing, any senders (temp), and spark
plugs.  as for the studs, we replace them if the customer so desires.
pushrods can be rolled on a flat surface to see if they are bent.  check
the ends for excessive wear.  if there are no pits or wear marks on the
ends, and they roll on a flat surface, i would not replace them unless
it makes you feel better.

as for the cam and tappets-- you should have a machinist you trust check
them, but if you want to look at the tappets, look at the bottom--the
part that rides on the cam-- it should be slightly convex--lay a small
metal ruler across the face of the bottom-- you should get a slight rock
to the ruler.  if you can see daylight under the ruler in the center (a
concave wear pattern)  replace both cam and lifters!  if lifters appear
ok, and you plan on resusing them with your cam.  keep the lifters in
the same spot they came out of.  if you replace just cam or just
lifters, it will accelerate wear.

hope this has been of some help.

dan minick

minick engine--abilene kansas

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