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A-Series head questions

Subject: A-Series head questions
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 09:55:28 -0500

This weekend I pulled the head on my 1275 Midget to be taken to the 
machine shop.  A few questions:

  o What should I remove from the head and what to leave on before I
    take it to the shop?  I'd planned on removing the thermostat cover
    and all of the studs (plan to replace them anyway).

  o How can I tell if the pushrods are okay?

  o I'd like to check the cam and the tappets, but according to the
    shop manuals, the 1275 needs to be removed and inverted since
    the tappets will just fall down otherwise.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

:                Matt Liggett <>                 :
:                   :
:   Bloomington, IN, USA | '70 MG Midget & '74 Ford Bronco Ranger    :

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