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RE: MGs and the SNOW

Subject: RE: MGs and the SNOW
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 15:51:13 EST
You can also drive your convertible in the snow.  Everyone takls 
about driving thier GT in the snow.    I drive my GT in the NH snow 
constantly, but I've also taken out my convertible and funny, nothing 
is different.
    My mother hooted and hollered that I couldn't drive an MG in the 
snow.  I thought, How could a car with immpeccible handling, light 
weight, and great looks- oh, that's unrelated--  Anyway, why wouldn't 
it be great in the snow?   I made her get into the GT and go for a 
ride when there were 8" on the ground, none of it plowed with ice 
underneath.   The GT beat the Ford Explorer she drives hands down.  
The Ford is just too overpowered and too heavy.  It is also very 
vague on steering and has carppy brakes.   The Mercury Sable probably 
just beats the GT, but it's a close one and I'd rack that up to the 
tires, not the front wheel drive.
    I'm still driving my GT every day.....   Anyone else ever get gas 
at Cumberland Farms?   I got it there once, and I back fired horribly 
until I got another tank of Mobil.  Last time I buy gas on price.


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