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Head work

Subject: Head work
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 14:59:26 -0600
leaky mgb head.

the convertible top should leak, not the head.

it sounds as if the head was surfaced with a broach (a wheel with
cutters that turns and removes material) this method usually gives a
good surface finish in many cases better than a belt surfacer ( like a
belt surfacer for wood, but more accurate--this is what we use).

the problem is the gasket not sealing--but why?

1. improper torque----------it sounds like you have pretty much covered
this one.  there are some old type head gaskets that require retorquing
after about 1000 miles (we ran into this on rebuilding a mgc motor--the
only head gasket we could get at the time>  most head gaskets that you
get today are of the non-retorque type.

2. surface finish------this may be the problem, but i dont want to
assume it without visually inspecting it, but it should be smooth.

you might try retorqing it again, and if it doesn't fix it, either

a) try a little stop leak--( i know, this is an old farmer trick, and
not always a good idea, but it can stop small leaks inexpensively.

b) remove the head, replace the gasket, and have the shop take a look at
the cylinder head.  explain your problem, what has been done, and try
not to come off as arrogant/accusing.  your attitude toward them will
(or should) go a long way towards their cooperating with you.

i'm not saying that the shop did poor work, but it sounds like it should
maybe be smoother than it is.

good luck--let me know what happens.

dan minick

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