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Re: DMV diatribe

Subject: Re: DMV diatribe
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 21:04:16 -0500
Terry, the problem is the fact that it is 35%. Once it was rare to loose your 
driving licence. Then it became easier and easier to loose it and the drivers 
licence or lack of it became the ultimate penalty, right up there but slightly 
under the death penalty. In many states laws are being considered to use the 
renewal of the drivers licence to collect back child support. ( a very worthy 
goal). But the problem becomes that it no longer is the ultimate penalty and in 
NYC there are probably more drivers on the road without,then with a licence. 
Insurance? Forget it. Like health insurance, only the wealthy and middle class 
has it. The result? We pay higher premiums. New Jersey just won another award. 
It regained the crown as the highest cost auto insurance state. We had lost it 
for a year or two, but were back on top! I am embarrassed to tell anyone what I 
pay for five modern irons for two adults and three male drivers under twenty 
five. They would think me wealthy. I'm not I pay for insurance, including 
"uncovered drivers insurance" to protect me from the 35%!. 

The horror of your story is what happened to the TA, not you. Just kidding. 

Mike Leckstein 

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