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Coupla Questions

Subject: Coupla Questions
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 22:46:36 -0400
Posted this a few days ago..


Two questions. Does anyone with an OD have a relay in the system? VicBrit
lists an relay in their 'Electrical' section (their part #8-462..I agree
w/Gary Burrel on part #s), however they indicate it as applied to the early
(63-67) Bs. The same relay is listed as the heated rear window relay for
67-75 GTs!?
Many..*many* years ago ... the shop who did the installation installed a
relay in the system. The same relay as the heated rear screen...hmmmmm.

Second question. I've backdated my '77 to dual HS4s, and used a pre-rubber
bumper radiator and shroud. Easy install with a pair of L shaped brackets
mounted to the fender wells. It positions in exactly the same location as
the earlier cars, leaving the later car's mounting pieces to mount my air
horns. Aaannnyway..this renders the wiring for the electric fans useless.
When I bought the car, the rad & fans were already gone. There's two wires,
one green, one Black/green. The Black/Green has had a line fuse installed.
What was it's original destination/use? The green wire has a female spade
connector. It's destination/use? Any recommendations on what to do with
these now? (please be polite!) Can I terminate them in any manner?<

Don't know if a) the message didn't get through or b) two damn silly
questions that don't deserve an answer? 

Thought I'd try again.


Terry Williams
'70 BGT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster
3 weeks to engine

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