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another 'MGs in the winter' question

Subject: another 'MGs in the winter' question
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 08:34:13 -0500
Fellow fiends:

My inane questions regarding winter usage of MGs continues!

It was a balmy 0 degrees F this AM in the big city and even my M*a*a took an 
extra second to crank and start (bless its spiritless little heart).  
Frankly, I am certain that the '63B would not have been able to start in 
such cold temps, even with liberal squirts of starting fluid up its 
nostrils.  This sad prediction is based upon my lack of confidence in the 
batteries I have and the charging "system" in the car.  I have a pair of 6V 
batteries (hooked up in series, of course) and, as per original equipment, a 
dynamo and fender mounted voltage regulator.  I've never been stranded by 
this system but I don't suspect it is an endless supply of highly motivated 
electrons either--especially when what I want is to start a very cold engine 
on a very stiff morning.  The system just doesn't seem to be up to the later 
single battery/alternator setups.

Okay, to the question(s).  I hope those of you who majored in EE are paying 
particular attention.  Assuming I locate, finance and convince spouse of the 
need for that perfect all weather B/GT, and further suppose that I find my 
rust-free dream car, pre-rubber dash, with OD, and a rear window de-fogger 
at a completely rock bottom price (I'll pass on the 12 CD changer)...   Why 
can't I install two 12 volt batteries in parallel?  I would still have 12V 
but I would double my amp supply (yes/no?).  Would my conventional charging 
system handle it or would it freak at the extra amperage?  Would my starter 
motor and/or regulator explode?  Has anyone done this successfully?  Or do I 
just want a new/reblt. dyanmo and a better set of batteries?

Alternatively, I assume that a halfway decent auto electrics shop would help 
me convert to an alternator?  (as an aside: while restoring Old Whitesides I 
called around the metro Detroit area for a "halfway decent auto electrics" 
shop to replace the brushes on my dyanmo.  One dill-weed categorically 
refused to work on Lucas eqpt.  He just wouldn't touch it--regardless of the 
fact that all I wanted was two brushes replaced.  That's DEEEEEtroit, for 
ya.  Rivet heads, all!).

Let the net be a fountain of wisdom on this shocking subject!  Any comments 
from DC in MT, 'frinsance?

Will Zehring

p.s.  What ever happened to Denise's battery experiment?

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