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Re: another 'MGs in the winter' question

Subject: Re: another 'MGs in the winter' question
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 15:53:47 -0700
At 06:00 PM 1/31/96 GMT, Bill Glanville wrote:

>        I drove that car hard thru all seasons in upstate NY for five years.
>The only problems starting in the winter were caused by the helmet style
>battery connections. Once I figured that out and the fact that four battery
>connections cause twice the trouble as two(the clue here is I went to one
>12v) I  was not let down again.

Of the three MGs that I have owned, only one came equipped with the rustic
"helmet style" battery connections. And of course I had the frequent
connection problems. It didn't take me long to cut those off and put
standard connectors on.

But I won't give up my two batteries!

David Councill                                                       

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