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faith in MGs

Subject: faith in MGs
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 11:43:42 -0500
Michael Macleod wrote:

>>I'm puzzled by the lack of faith in the "MG's in Winter" queries.

David Councill writes:

>I'm puzzled too. 

Thanks to you both for your comments and to others who have responded.  I'm 
sarting to think that there is some inadequacy in my 
charging/battery/starter system as, again, in the case of my particular car 
I have grave doubts as to its ability to start in very cold conditions, 
chocked or not.  NOT TO SAY that I wouldn't trust a properly setup MG; 
that's just the point.  As with most of us on the list, the B is only driven 
in the "warm" months and I can get by without an optimally performing system.  
Will Zehring

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