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New electronic ignition system from Moss Motors

Subject: New electronic ignition system from Moss Motors
From: ps4330@okc01.rb (Peter Schauss )
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 09:01:06 -0600
The latest issue of Hemmings has an add from Moss Motors touting a 
new, "completely self contained" electronic ignition replacement 
system for MGs.  According to the ad, the system is entirely contained
in the distributor.  Does anyone know anything about this system?
Who makes it?  How reliable is it?

The previous attempt at such a system on 1976-79 Bs was very prone to
failure, allegedly because of the heat.  I would think that this system,
with the electronics located INSIDE of the distributor, would be subjected
to even more heat.

BTW, some of you may recall my previous posts seaking a solution to the
problem of a broken lead wire for the pickup coil on my electronic 
ignition system. (1980 MGB with remote amplifier).  Dick Burger was
able to get the part from Moss (it is not in their catalog) for 
about $70 plus shipping.  That was considerably less than the cost
of the Crane replacement system and it was an exact fit.  Thanks Dick.

(I have no financial interest in BPC, but his service, price, and 
convenience were very good.)

Peter Schauss

1980 MGB
1963 Austin Healey 3000 Mk II

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