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Re: Trip to England

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Subject: Re: Trip to England
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 19:08:41 -0500
Oh how terrible. You were in Abingdon and someone gave you little and wrong 

First, the office where Kimber directed the company is right next to the MGCC 
Office. The last time I was there, the present occupant allowed me inside and 
showed me the exact office and where Kimber's desk used to be.. 

There are numerous sites on the factory grounds that still exist.The Boundary 
House is now a beautiful Moreland Pub and was once Kimber"s house. There is a 
plaque at the entrance which I presented on behalf of the NEMGTR. The Magic 
Midget is another Pub that displays memorabilia and was a hangout for workers 
the days the factory operated. 

As part of our trip of 89 T types to England in 1990 we prepared a historical 
map and guide to Abingdon and Oxford. The MGCC later produced a glossy brochure 
and hand out along the same idea. That should have been given to the tourist 

Its a must on any trip to England, that I make my pilgrimage to Abingdon, and I 
always enjoy it. The Abingdon Lodge across from the factory site is a lovely 
modern hotel with Octagon reception rooms and MG themes .

Unfortunately the town of Abingdon has grown a lot since MG was its biggest 
industry. I understand the Pavlova Leather works next to the factory site( and 
from whom the site was purchased in 1929) has also recently closed. Ideas to 
turn the former office portion of the factory( where Kimber"s office was) into 
an MG museum seems to be dead in the water after a lot of hope. 

When we were there in 1990 the MGCC arranged to place a sign on the office 
building recreating the look of the building as it was in the 1930's. That 
coupled with the endless line of prewar and T types in front and along Cemetery 
Lane recreated the feeling of a bygone error. 

Before going to England I really recommend one or both professional videos made 
of the  1990 trip. I think they are available from BritBooks. (I have no 
financial interest in them) They are interesting and fun to watch . They are 
Circuit of Britain which is well narrated, and "Look Right Keep Left" which is 
record of the trip from one persons individual experiences. This one is quite 

Someday when I am retired and living off my three sons whom we are now putting 
through college, We may organise another trip. 

Mike Leckstein   

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