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Re: Trip to England

Subject: Re: Trip to England
From: "Frank Sperling III" <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 10:39:16 +0000
Went to England this past summer and _had_ to see Abingdon!  My 
suggestion...don't.  I got there and all I found was a small office 
for the MG Club.  People inside were very nice, they told me that the 
factory was torn down in 80-81 but that there was a plaque on one of 
the newer buildings commemorating the factory.  They also pointed me 
to a pub in town where one of the former heads of MG used to hang 
out.  Well, that didn't really do it for me, so off I sped for a more 
meaningful tour of Oxford.

> Fellow SOL'ers
> I'm on my way to England on Feb 15.  Since this is the first trip for me,
> is there any LBC related sites to see.  I'll be located in the Malmesbury
> area, but expect to be in London on the weekends.  I'm especially interested 
> in the MG and Triumph museums, clubs, etc.
> Thanks
> Howard Wesley    
> Naperville, IL

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