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Re: Q/Clutch/Midget -Reply

Subject: Re: Q/Clutch/Midget -Reply
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 96 14:27:08 -0500
Item Subject: Q/Clutch/Midget -Reply
          The steel line from the master to the slave is ok and has no
          discernible leaks. The flex hose is new. I can engage gears 
          easily with the engine off. There were no visible cracks in
          the throwout fork and I put a new bush in the fork and the 
          pivot pin is not worn. The slave bolts directly to the bell
          housing-no bracket. No slop. Have renewed all the clevis
          and pins. Again, no slop. I don't believe there is a "tipit"
          valve in the master.

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Subject: Q/Clutch/Midget -Reply
Author:  Non-HP-BALLC ( at HP-USA,shargw2
Date:    3/4/96 11:18 AM

You might want to replace the steel line from the master to the slave, and 
the rubber hose, if fitted. Maybe you have a tiny leak in there. With the 
gear crunching, see if it will engage easily with the engine not running.  If 
it will then I'd suspect the fork that the throw out bearing fits into has 
become worn or cracked.  
Also, check the brakcet for the slave. Is it flexing  or worn/loose ? Have 
someone depress the clutch while you watch underneath. See if the
bracket moves and then have them hold the pedal down to see if you're 
slowly loosing pressure.
Finally, if you have one of those bloody tipit valves in the master check 
that it's working - but as far as I've seen they are only fitted to brake 

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