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Re: Q/Clutch/Midget

Subject: Re: Q/Clutch/Midget
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 96 14:34:36 -0500
          Thanks for the suggestions. The slave is mounted correctly
          with the bled screw up. I can't drive the car to shake out
          all the air. Indeed, I can't get it into gear, so I don't 
          want to try driving it. It's not easy to get the bleed screw
          and the flex line mixed up. I'm pretty sure there is only
          one way round. The flex line enters the back of the slave
          and the bleeder is at the top.                

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Subject: Re: Q/Clutch/Midget
Author:  cobra-at-cdc ( at HP-USA,shargw2
Date:    3/4/96 11:50 AM

>           Who has some suggestions? 
>           Bled the lines sooo many times. Pushed the slave piston in 
>           while opening the bleeder.
>           Spongy pedal still! Can't get it in gear with out grinding. 
>           What am I doing wrong? What Have I over looked? 
>           Alan
Running copious amounts of fluid through the system does NOT guarantee 
that all of the air has been removed.  This is especially true if the 
system started out dry.  Believe me, I've gone through this.  A spongy 
pedal is the classic indication for air in the system.  To completely 
expel all the air may require many cycles of bleeding/driving.  The 
driving part dislodges trapped air bubbles which should then raise to 
the highest point, which should be where the bleeder valve is.  One 
suggestion I've heard, but never tried for dislodging trapped air is to 
use one of those vibrating metal scribing tools.
Another possible reasons for not being able to bleed a clutch is that 
the slave was installed upside down.  On many cars this is very easy to 
do.  I did it on the snake when I redid the hydraulics.  I've talked to 
a number of people who have also done this.  Embarrassing, but easy to 
In the last issue of the ACOC newsletter there was a letter from a 
member with a story very similar to yours.  He had installed a new 
clutch slave on his ME3000.  The slave had been shipped from the factory 
with the bleeder valve screwed into the inlet because that was the only 
way it would fit into the shipping box.  There was apparently no mention 
of this in the instructions that came with the new slave.  The member 
discovered this after checking another member's car, then calling the 
manufacturer to confirm his suspicion.

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