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Re: '67 B upgraded (?) to later car

Subject: Re: '67 B upgraded (?) to later car
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 96 15:13:43 PST
Ernest Gilbert said:

> Denise Thorpe wrote:
> > 
> > The early starter can be used with a slight modification to the late engine
> > backing plate.  If I could remember what that modification is, I'd tell you.
> Can't imagine how to do that since the starter is in a completely 
> different location. Easy way is to change the plate iteslf, they fit the 
> same bolt holes on the engine. There is also a difference in 
> countersinking of the plate mtg holes which might effect the new 
> fklwheel, a potential problem also avoided by changing plates.

Okay, now I've got to remember the trick.  It involved tapping and putting 
a helicoil in a through hole in the late backing plate so that one of the 
early starter mounting bolts actually screws into the backing plate instead 
of the bolt going _through_ and being held in by a nut.  What I can't 
remember is _which_ through hole gets mutilated for this purpose.  We agree 
on changing to a new backing plate.  I kept the original backing plate to 
my car as part of the "stuff to return the car to original" parts stash.

> > > A small cut (3 inches or so) must be made in the driveshaft tunnel just 
>aft of
> > > the removable trans cover to open up the tunnel to make room for the 
> A big problem is fit of the trans case at the forward end where it 
> enters the tunnel. There will be about one fourth inch clearance for the 
> later trans and it will klunk against the tunnel sides, especially the 
> off side. A friend of mine finally bolted rubber snubbers to the tunnel 
> entry to quiet his conversion down.

I heard all those horror stories about bashing out the tunnel or grinding 
off the newer starter flange (since I'm not using it, it hangs out in space)
or cutting out the original tunnel and welding in a different one, but I 
didn't do any of these.  I did this conversion in two inches of mud in 
someone else's back yard when I had to drive the car to a final the next day 
and I wasn't too worried about noises, but I've never had a problem.  The 
only time it's hit is when my car ran on after filling up with Arco gas.  
Since I've never done that again, it's never clunked again.

> Also, there are 2 sizes of input shafts which enter the spiggot brg in 
> the end of the crank. Make sure the new trans fits the old crank.

I knew this was true of the 3-main vs. 5-main engines, but I didn't realize 
they did this later.  Thanks, I'll watch out.

Along the same lines, did 3-main B's ever come with overdrive?  I have an 
early OD tranny in the garage that's going in the car that currently has 
a late non-overdrive tranny in it and I suddenly had the horrible thought 
that it might be a 3-main OD tranny and then the input shaft would be too 

Denise Thorpe 

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