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Re: '67 B upgraded (?) to later car

Subject: Re: '67 B upgraded (?) to later car
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 96 10:35:41 PST
Johnmowog asked:

>  Besides, the late starter won't lock itself into the flywheel
> like the early one does, which in my tool box removes the need for the long
> bar I hammer on to break it loose with!

I've never had this happen, however, I replace the ring gear almost every 
time I have the engine out.  I keep a spare flywheel just for this purpose 
and get it surfaced and the ring gear replaced ahead of time.  

> >it's also possible to have the shift arm of the late transmission shortened 
> >and then no modifications need to be made to the body at all.  There's a guy
> >in San Diego who does it for $75. 
> I'm a bit surprised that that can be done. It is a whole big cast piece with
> rods and all that stick out too far, does he actually shorten the
> casting??!!!
> As I am about to do this conversion on my latest project, I seriously would
> like to know! Can you put me in touch with this guy so I can check it out???
> THANKS!!!!!!

It can be done.  The '66 B I drive every day has had a late tranny modified 
in this way for at least 12 years.  The weld is pretty impressive.  The guy 
who does it actually cuts a bit out of the shift arm and then welds it 
back together.  I'm not sure how he shortens the shaft--if he cuts a piece 
out of the middle or cuts off the end and then makes a new end on it.  He's 
also the one who came up with the modification to the late backing plate so 
that the early starter can be used.  He is and can be found at:

Bill Schlossnagel
(619) 562-8234

If shipping a tranny from where you are to San Diego where he is and back is 
a problem, there are alternate solutions.  Let me know if you need help find-
ing a way.

Denise Thorpe

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