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Re: TD Tyres

To: "A. B. Bonds" <>,
Subject: Re: TD Tyres
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 17:24:12 -0500

 radials on my TD, the handling is markedly
>improved.  I think they are 165r15 or something like that.  No, you
>don't need tubes (with the disk wheels), but make sure the rims are
>clean and straight, since these wheels seem to be made of an alloy
>involving Velveeta and bend easily.
>                       A. B. Bonds
>I beg to differ about the tubes. Yes it appears that you can avoid them, but 
the rims were not designed for tubeless. The Safety Fast inspection at NEMGTR 
GOF's have several items that are automatic failures because they are 
and the lack of tubes on TD disc wheels is one of them.

Mike Leckstein

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