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Brits/Limeys etc

Subject: Brits/Limeys etc
From: Mike Gigante <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 12:55:17 -1000
High Priestess Denise sez:
>I'm relieved to know that the term "Brit" isn't an insult.  The only other 
>noun I know of that can be applied to an individual Brit is "limey" and I'm 
>pretty sure that one's an insult.  I don't know why, though.

>From what I recall, Limey was a term coined by US military based in
Britain during WW I/II. I once knew how the term was derived but
entropy (or atrophy!) has had its way and I can't remember anymore :-(

The terms Limey or even Brit isn't used here in Australia. However,
there is another mildly derisive term used for Brits here -- Poms or
Pommies. Usually combined with the adjuctive "whinging" (e.g. whinging
pom, or whinging pommie b*st*rd).

This isn't as nasty as it sounds, such phrases almost always being
used in good humour. This originates with the original british
migrants to this fair land who were Prisoners Of Her Majesty and
apparently has the abbreviation emblazened upon their clothing. POHM
became POM over time and eventually referred to all emmigrants from

The descriptive term "whinging" came about after the propensity of a
small number (but very vocal) English migrants to continually complain
about some aspect of life here or their continuous pining for the old
country. From what I understand, this sort of behaviour was rampant in
the 50's and 60's. I certainly recall that as a kid, I heard quite a
lot of that sort of thing. I haven't heard anything like as much of it
in the last 20 years or so... BTW, the term b*st*rd was at that time
used as both insult and endearing term (as in "How ya goin' you ol'
bastard?"). Strange but true.

cheers, Mike

Mike Gigante
3D interactive graphics, Virtual Reality, british sports cars, and wine      

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