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RE: Frozen Pistons 65 MGB

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Subject: RE: Frozen Pistons 65 MGB
From: "Lou Nevins" <>
Date: 27 Mar 1996 09:43:38 U
Get the ring gear exposed where the starter makes contact. You can get
tremendous leverage with a large screw driver and a short bite off of the bell
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From: Ken Katsirebas on Tue, Mar 26, 1996 5:32 PM
Subject: Frozen Pistons 65 MGB

I have had my LBC stored in the back of my garage since 85.  I got the fever
recently and started to revive it.  I started with a new battery (replaced the
2 sixs with a single 12V) and in the process of rebuilding the master brake
cylinder.  Noticed a couple of more problems; 1) Don't hear the fuel pump and
can't turn the crankshaft.  Removed the plugs last night and squirted
penetrating oil into the cylinders followed by a heavy dose of mystery oil. 
No luck yet by rocking the car in gear.  Any thoughts on freeing the crank
before I tackle the fuel pump??

Ken 65B

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