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Re: BMC A series 8 port head

Subject: Re: BMC A series 8 port head
From: (Lane Rollins)
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 10:59:45 -0800
>> John Hardy says there might be used 8 port heads floating about. If you
>> find one John, or anyone else, I'd love a chance to buy it!
>OK, let's see now...  Who ELSE would like an 8-port head for an A-Series?
>I would certainly pay some bucks for one.  Word on the street is, there's
>a very good bolt-on DOHC 16-valve head kit available for the bargain price
>of $5000 or so.  A little out of my budget (more than the car's worth,
>too).  Vizard mentions a SOHC 8-valve 8-port head kit in his book; I
>wonder how price for that would compare to the 16-valve, if it's still in
>Perhaps some SOLers in the UK know more than we here in the US about
>what's available?

I don't have a clue to the price but Mini-Mania sells an 8-port head that
should work with the 'A' series engine. No clue to price... It sounds like
it could add up, you start with the head, new intake manifolds, couple of
webers, and a new exhaust header, I think you need a special cam also.
OUCH! But it could be fun!

Wouldn't it be fun to build up a sleeper 1100 and play with say an
unsuspecting Mini owner.

NOTE: Got a little burnt out on the attitude of a couple mini owners a few
years back. So this is just a wierd fantasy of mine. Sicker yet, I'm
trading some stuff for a mini project car.


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