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Gonna be offline for a while/Handling

Subject: Gonna be offline for a while/Handling
From: Stephen Brook <>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 21:00:07 +0100
I'm going to be offline until Thurs 4th April, so please
hold back and don't expect replies until then. The URL I
posted to the list earlier on won't be available until
then either. Sorry!

Anyway, on to the LBC content. Everyone knows that the 
increased ride height of rubber bumpered cars makes them
roll more and handle worse. To counteract this, I have seen
kits in the UK that will reduce the ride height by 1.5 inches
so that it is the same as that of chrome bumpered cars.
However, I have also seen handling kits for chrome cars
that appear to have the same 'ingredients' as the height
reducing kit for rubber cars. Does this just mean that the
kits that aim to make chrome cars handle better are just
reducing the ride height even more?

The upshot is that if anyone can recommend the best way
for me to spend UK Pounds 300 on making my 1978 rubber 
bumpered B handle better, I'd love to hear any


Stephen Brook
Brunel University
(URL *temporarily* out of service)

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