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Re: vacuum lines, etc.

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Subject: Re: vacuum lines, etc.
From: 007 <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 14:04:01 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Henrich, Dave wrote:

> Jim,
> you wrote....
> " Probably the same useless unit as on my '79 B - Which I've removed - what
> that unit does is cutout the vacuum advance unless you are in 4th gear -
> the wires go down to the tranny - one hose comes from the carb to that
> unit (anyone know what its called?), the other one goes to the
> distributor.  When I bypassed it, and taped the wires, my B ran better.
> I've kept all the hardware tho, so that California smog police can see it
> on its biannual inspection.  Note: the above info is from memory, so some
> details may be incorrect."
> I have the same setup (or lack of) on my 79B. So does that mean you have NO 
> vacuum advance line to/from  the distributor? Was timing altered? Did you 
> cap the manifold hole also?
> thanks
> Dave

I ran a (longer) line directly from the carb to the distributor so that I 
get advance at all times.  The timing was altered but (I'm ashamed to 
confess), by eyeball & ear - i.e. for best running under load with no 
pinging......  It definately has more pickup coming off the line - what 
I'd really like to do tho is find a mechanical advance distributor (ala 
'039-type for VW's) that gives a more agggressive advance curve.....

Does anyone on the net know if such distributors are available???

Jim Mellander

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