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RE: Floor rust - B

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Subject: RE: Floor rust - B
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 15:11:17 -0700
Jay wrote......

Right now I'm giving it a good wire brushing, which I plan to follow up =
a dose of naval jelly, and finally a good slathering of rustoleum primer =
paint.  What do y'all think of that?  Good enough?
Jay Tilton  |  | Virginia Tech

And I reply:

On my 65B, I cut the floor boards out and popriveted in some sheet =
metal. It wasn't pretty but the state of Nebraska made me do it to pass =
their state inspection (this was nearly 20 years ago though).

But then mine were rotting away enough that my legs got wet if I went =
throgh a water puddle. And I remember snow pushing up against my rubber =
mat on more than one occasion.

Those were the college years.

David Councill

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