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Re: Comment/Question Re: Floor rust - B

Subject: Re: Comment/Question Re: Floor rust - B
From: R Glenn Stauffer <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 07:55:52 -0500 (EST)
I've heard good things about POR-15.  Someone told me that they used it on
a car Chassis and it has resisted re-rusting for over 7 years.  Another
option is Corroless sold by Eastwood.  I've used this on a variety of parts
and it seems very durable.  Either product is definitely better than the
3m rust converter stuff you can buy anywhere.

BTW, check out the latest JC Whitney catalog, they are selling a moisture
cure urethane paint that sounds suspiciously like POR-15 with a Whitney
label.  I think they want $27/quart which may not be alot cheaper than
buying POR-15 direct.  Bill Hirsch also sells a POR-15 re-label product
which is more expensive.


> My 1967 MGB had leaked (surprise) over the last couple of years and in the
> process,  destroyed its carpets and put a layer of surface rust on the
> replacement floorboards.  Before putting in new carpets,  I have painted the
> floors with POR-15.  This stuff is supposed to prevent rust from reoccuring, 
> to convert the rust to "something else".  In fact,  it performs best when you
> paint it over rusty metal,  with only the loose stuff removed.  You can paint
> over it or leave it as is.  See Hemmings for their ad.
> Now for the questions:
> Next,  I will put down some insulating (heat and noise) layer that I have not
> decided upoN,  yet.  Any suggestions?  Any feedback about prior use of POR-15?
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