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Re: Comment/Question Re: Floor rust - B

To: Milo Kral <>
Subject: Re: Comment/Question Re: Floor rust - B
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 09:39:43 -0600
Milo Kral wrote:

> Now for the questions:
> Next,  I will put down some insulating (heat and noise) layer that I have not
> decided upoN,  yet.  Any suggestions?  Any feedback about prior use of POR-15?
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> Naval Research Lab

Milo -

        I followed an article that I read in British Cars about a year ago.  
Went to a carpet 
shop and purchased some foam padding material that goes under your home 
carpeting.  There are 
several grades; some look like bits of different colored foam sponges torn up 
and pressed 
together.  The hi-quality stuff I bought is blue foam with a yellow foam layer 
in a hexagonal 
pattern on one side.  This is the side that glues to the floor of your house.  
It is about 
one-half inch (1.27 cm :-) ) thick.  It would be really expensive to do your 
full house in 
this stuff, but a piece big enough to do the entire interior of my '79B only 
cost about $25.  I 
laid it out on the floor, placed the carpet over it, marked it with a felt tip 
pen, and cut it 
out with scissors.  I made it about an inch smaller on all sides than the 
corresponding carpet 
piece.  This was contact cemented to the car, and the carped was applied over 
it with more 
contact cement.  Makes the carped feel really plush, should do a lot to deaden 
sounds.  The foam 
quality should do a lot of heat insulation.  I say should, as sadly, I still am 
under renovation 
on the B and haven't driven it since the carpeting installation to check it out 
 ;-( .  Just my 
way of trying it...If you are interested the article was in the October, 1994 
issue of British 
Car, page 25, "TR6 Budget Restoration".

Wayne M. Kube
Plano, TX

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