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Re: MG Midget Clutch

Subject: Re: MG Midget Clutch
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 09:34:55 -0500

My son and I have had exactly the same experience on our 1976 and 1979
Midgets. The clutch servo on these cars is difficult to bleed. It is probably
because of the large inside diameter of the hard plastic tube between the
master and slave cylinders and the high spot in the tube which is unavoidable
with the design layout. You simply cannot get the velocity of the fluid to
get the bubbles pulled down and out of the slave before you have to stop and
refill the master.

My 73 MGB isn't this bad. Of course the diameter of the tube between the
master and the slave is metal with a smaller I.D. for the greater part of the

A Toyota wagon my wife and I had would actually BLEED ITSELF by gravity
simply by filling the master because it was down hill all the way. All the
MG's I have seen have that high spot. Seems like the engineers designing the
system never had to bleed one or they would have followed the Toyota scheme.

Johnson - Dallas

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